Online Mediation

Prior to Covid-19 parties typically attended mediation at a pre-arranged venue.  Covid restrictions then led to a sharp growth in technology for online meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams etc (other providers are available). 

Sometimes it is preferable for parties to physically attend a mediation. If not, online mediations avoid time spent travelling to the mediation and the costs of hiring a venue.

Statistics show that online mediations remain popular and do not necessarily harm the prospects of a resolution. 

Mediation differs from a conventional meeting however because more than one room is required. This is so parties can meet with each other and the mediator as well as having their own room for private discussions and any confidential discussions with the mediator.  

Typically mediation requires a larger room for sessions involving all attendees (this can also be used as one party’s room), a mid-sized room(s) for the other party/parties, and a small room for the mediator. Online platforms now recreate these rooms.

How does it work?

Prior to the mediation, the mediator will ask each party or their advisors for the email address of all attendees who then receive a link to the mediation. 

You then simply click on the link shortly before the start time and follow the instructions. The mediator can see you are in a ‘waiting room’ once you have joined the mediation and will initially move you to a ‘break out’ room for your party (only).

 The breakout room allows for private conversations only between the people in that room.   The mediator can join either party’s breakout room for private conversations or bring everyone together, just as would happen at a physical mediation. The technology also allows those in the breakout rooms to ask the mediator to join them at any point. 

If there is a meeting involving all attendees, the mediator will move you from your breakout room into a different room and once that meeting has finished you will be returned to your breakout room.

You will receive plenty of warning if you are moving rooms and at all times everyone participating can see who is in the room with them. Documents can also easily be shared on screen when necessary. 

We will arrange an online meeting with you before the mediation if required to test the platform and answer any questions.   

Further questions?

Simply head to our Contact page and we will ensure you receive any further support and guidance needed.